Companies large and small have the opportunity to increase their brand awareness through social media optimization. Social media optimization can be used in conjunction with SEO. Many companies are now using social media optimization in their marketing campaigns. This allows companies to understand the needs of their customers and make improvements. Offshore companies can create social media marketing campaigns to help businesses enter this market and build brand awareness. Audi’s marketing team recently decided to use wordpress development services to connect with customers. Audi used Facebook, the most widely-used social network, to gather feedback from both consumers and followers. Audi asked their followers what they would like to see in the future car. They asked their followers for their ideas, input, and suggestions by posting updates and videos.

Audi decided to use the feedback from consumers at the Los Angeles Auto Show to take part in the Los Angeles Design Challenge contest. They will have the chance to win the game, and, as one of the most recognizable car manufacturers on Earth, the information they get directly from consumers can be put into practice. Audi is not the only company to have realized the importance of social media optimization. After analyzing the effect blog posts have on sales, Sony decided to give “daddy bloggers” free products to review and test. Today’s generation has seen a shift in household roles. More dads stay home to care for their kids while moms go out to get bread. Baby care and toy companies have focused their attention on mothers who blog, while Sony is more interested in fathers with their love for electronic and digital gear. Sony’s offer of free merchandise for fathers to try out is a valid point.

Who wouldn’t review a product that you get for free? If a dad checks a Sony product he received for free, will he feel obliged to write only positive comments? Will he be honest and bring the product’s shortcomings to his readers? This controversial marketing campaign makes consumers question whether these blog posts about product reviews can be trusted. Ford avoided the controversy caused by Sony’s scandal by only offering its latest product to bloggers for a short time. In April, Ford launched a marketing campaign offering 100 bloggers a Fiesta Ford for six months. The limited-time offer included car insurance and gas.

What were the bloggers expected to do in return for this? Bloggers had to post and document their experiences with the Fiesta Ford on social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr. Ford examined trends such as blogging, joining social media networks, and uploading photos. They decided these would be the best platforms to ask bloggers to use to record their Ford Fiesta experiences. Americans love big cars. It’s not surprising. Ford is soon to launch the Fiesta in America as their first small-sized global car. It’s not surprising that they sought feedback from an impartial viewpoint. If you can create a php development services campaign that envelopes your customers, you can get a great review on social media.

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