How to get barrier blocks in Minecraft?

To get Barrier blocks in Minecraft, you choose to craft the items yourself or go about it a different way that is very fast and time-efficient. The first method would be to craft the Barrier Blocks you require in your inventory. 

Material Required

This will take some time and effort as each block requires eight pieces of Redstone, one piece of lapis lazuli, four pieces of iron ingots, and one piece of obsidian for each block created. 

Steps for barrier blocks in Minecraft

It is up to you how many Barrier Blocks you wish to make, but please remember that this process can be very tedious, especially if you are making many of them. In addition to this, it will also use up a lot of resources from your Stone-cutter table, so every little bit helps.

  1. Once you have found your Stronghold, place down your Ender Chests in a way so it’s elementary for them to interface with the Stronghold; very often, Strongholds will be adjacent to each other, and this method of teleportation is perfect for that reason.
  2. Once you have placed your Ender Chest(s) next to the Stronghold, it is time to step inside and teleport yourself into said Stronghold by simply right-clicking on an Ender Chest within the same area as yourself. This should then take you into the Stronghold! Congratulations, your first barrier block has been obtained!
  3. Now you are inside the Stronghold; you can break all of the Wooden Barriers that stand between yourself and the items you require. Once these barriers have been removed, it is time to teleport back out of the Stronghold. Use your Ender Chest again after having left the Stronghold once already.

Once back outside of the Stronghold, it is time to collect some more Barrier Blocks! How many exactly? That’s up to you – but remember, they do come at quite a cost of materials if crafted manually, so only craft precisely what you need rather than making a hundred just because it’s easy.

Teleportation is very fast and time-efficient

Well done! You have now obtained some Barrier Blocks to start creating areas to protect your loot. Keep exploring the Stronghold for more of them! Just remember to empty the Ender Chests so you can use them again later on down the line if needed. 

Importance of Barrier Blocks in Minecraft

Barrier blocks are a commonly used block in Minecraft since they can make you invisible to mobs. Apart from this, there are multiple uses of using the barrier block in many ways. For example, a player can use barrier blocks to hide from other players or monsters/mobs. You can also use these blocks to trick enemies into thinking that you have moved further away from them when you’re not moving anywhere and whatnot. I’m sure most of you already know how great it is to have these blocks in your world but if not, then let me enlighten you on all the beautiful benefits of having barrier blocks in your world!

1. Making unseen by Mobs 

The most common way of using barrier blocks is to make yourself unseen by mobs. since there are multiple mobs in Minecraft, hiding from some if not all rings can be significant for survival. For this reason, different barrier blocks have been introduced to hide from specific mobs depending on what league you are using, e.g., an endearment or a creeper or even a zombie!

2. Double Jump

This doesn’t sound like something that can help but actually can help, but honestly, it does! I am sure you already know about double jump without any cheats or mods or textures, etc. However, double jumping with a barrier block is at least twice as better as using a double jump without any barrier blocks. For this reason, it makes a double-jump great if you are interested in parkour but cannot find anywhere good enough to practice your skills without being seen by mobs!

3. Great Source of Building Materials

Barrier blocks are also a good resource for building materials since most of them are rare or nonexistent in the game. Like I mentioned before, different types of barrier blocks exist made specially to be used against other mobs ranging from ender men, creepers zombies etc.; all these mobs require a specific kind of block to make them unseen, and only barrier blocks can do that job well!

4. Making traps

Another way players use barrier blocks is to make them into traps or prank other players. these are usually made by placing the block at a specific location where other players will walk over it and be pushed upwards so they can fall onto beds, lava pools etc.

Cons of using barrier blocks

· Expensive 

Well, considering all the great features that barrier block offers, people might think about its wrong side. Still, there isn’t much that I could say about this. However, one disappointing thing is that barrier blocks are pretty expensive depending on which type you buy! for example, and dark oak barriers cost 2-3 diamonds each while iron barriers cost around 8-10 emeralds each!

· You cannot stack them

This is also a downside to barrier blocks; you cannot stack them up; if you try to use shift+right click on one block to auto place another, it will replace the first one!

· They only work if placed underground

Although this doesn’t seem like a big issue, I think it’s important enough because almost everywhere in Minecraft has some gravel or sand. Hence, placing a barrier under the ground becomes a bit useless. For this reason, there are different types of obstacles which you can choose from depending on where you want them not to be hidden. Dark oak works best for woodland mansions and strongholds, while iron blocks work best for dungeons!

· Players could destroy your barriers with their hands

This is another thing that makes wall blocks less valuable since anyone can break your barriers with their bare hands! For example, you are deep underground. You have created a hidden base under the earth, but someone way up in the sky sees your barrier block standing tall underground! They could destroy it and make your hard work useless.


Barrier Blocks is a great resource to use if you want to hide from mobs such as zombies or even other players. They also offer many different uses like double jump, traps e.t.c. Also, they are pretty expensive, especially when buying dark oak instead of iron block, which gives very little protection and makes mobs invisible!.