Presently custom coiled keyboard cables are gaining popularity among custom keyboard users. Custom coils are thought to be an essential component of custom keyboards. Besides these cables being necessary for custom keyboards, the high price of custom coil cable is an issue. Does their price justify their worth? In this article, we will discuss the custom coil keyboard cables in detail.

Purpose of the coiled keyboard cable

The primary purpose of the coiled keyboard cable is aesthetics. One who wants to use a coiled keyboard cable must have this thing in mind: By using a coiled cable, you cannot get any kind of better performance than using standard cables. However, these cables help build the overall beauty of the keyboard. The users who want to take their keyboard aesthetics to the next level must consider using these cables.

The customers of coiled cables are often confused in so many terms used for coiled cables. The price of these cables is also a concern for users of these cables. Choosing the right seller for this cable is also an issue for the customers. The custom coiled cable market is much more complicated than usually seen. By reading the following article, things related to the custom coil cable can be simpler for users.

You will learn about basic knowledge of the components and essential things to consider about these cables. After reading the complete article, the reader will decide the right match for themselves.

Custom cable of the keyboard

A custom cable for the keyboard is the cable made by hand. The material that is used for these cables is predominantly premium. The color of these cables is chosen to follow the overall keyboard color theme. This can also be understood by the name of custom coiled cables of the keyboard, which means the cables of the keyboard are customized according to customers’ desires.

In these cables, almost everything could be customized, either the length of the cable or the material of the cable. These customized cables ensure that they will satisfy the consumer and fulfill his needs according to his instructions. If we talk about these cables’ price, we should admit that these cables are more expensive than regular cables. Custom cables are as complex as custom keyboards. Custom cables are made from different components, and these cables have different options to choose from to fulfill unique needs.

Coiled keyboard cable

Sometimes managing cables of keyboard and other computer peripherals create a lot of difficulty for many computer users. When keyboard and mouse cables tangle, then real problems arise. The gamers/users who want to protect themselves from this headache should use coiled cables for keyboards.


The working of the coiled cable has not had many differences from standard USB cables. Coiled cables come with more customization options, giving users more advantage over regular keyboard cables. Most of the time, the material used for coiled cables is paracord. This cable also has a protective heat-shrink on the cable’s connector, which is primarily a USB connector. Usually, these cables come in the market without a coil. Users from around the globe require that their keyboard cables be coiled so that they can perform their work without any hassle of tangling cables.


One more thing that adds significance to the coiled cables is that users can customize these cables according to his wish and requirement. This customization is only possible because of the material paracord. Paracord material comes in different colors to customize his cable by just using different kinds of paracord material. Customization of coiled cables does not stop only for colors, and users can also choose different types of USB connectors. 

Aviator connector

The customization of coiled cables can be enhanced by using aviator connectors. Aviator connectors are used in coiled cable separately from actual cable. But the working of aviator connectors does not affect the working of the actual cable. This connector gives users the freedom to use different keyboards without changing the actual coil cable.

Advantages of coiled keyboard cables

More durable

These cables are not made of regular plastic material instead of plastic material, and paracord material is used to make these cables. That provides coiled cable extra durability. These cables are resistant to wear and tear and can last longer than average cable.

Easy to handle

This cable is coiled to use these cables with more ease than other straight cables. The placement of keyboards with coil cables is also straightforward and less complex.

Color customization

Color customization is another benefit of using a coiled keyboard cable. As mentioned above, using paracord material, different colors of coiled cable are possible. This will add a unique and fascinating look to the keyboard.

Premium and classy look

A Premium and classy look is another benefit added by using a coiled cable. Using these simple cable aesthetics of the keyboard will go higher to another level. These expensive but straightforward changes give you more comfort and ease with premium quality.


Coiled keyboard cables are expensive, but the cost will pay you the better award. By choosing a custom cable, you will get precisely what you want. This cable also helps you in terms of ease. So, keep all things in mind before choosing coiled keyboard cables.


  • What is the purpose of coiled cables?

A significant reason why coiled wires are used today is safety. Since these specialized cords can stretch and retract independently, they keep people and workplaces safe.

  • Do coiled cables work better for keyboards?

The keyboard cable can become tangled quickly, especially when mixed with many other cords under your desk. This frustrating mess is prevented by the spiral nature of coiled cables, which creates a neat, clean desk that lays flat.

  • Is it worth it to use coiled cables?

There is no doubt that coiled cables take up much less workstation space than straight cables. The length depends on how far the cable is pulled. The workstation will look less messy, and you can move around it more freely with a reduced risk of getting tangled in the cable.