Bats play a significant role in the ecosystem by controlling the population of insects and pollinating plants. They may seek shelter in your home to seek warmth and protect themselves from predators. Also, they consider your home a roosting site. They usually invade dark areas such as attics, chimneys, and enclosed spaces. But if they can cause harm and pose health risks when they take up residence in your house. If bats are making your house a nesting location, contact Frederick Bat Removal services as soon as possible. 

Signs of Bat Infestations

Although bats can invade your house without being noticed, some signs tell you they have taken up residence in your home. These signs include the following:

  • Strange noises. Bats come and invade in numbers and they make scratching, screeching, and fluttering noises. Contact a bat removal service if you hear these noises. 
  • Dark stains. Bats can fit into even tiny openings. While these creatures brush against the walls, they leave dark stains through their greasy skin.
  • Droppings. The majority of bats can produce more than 20 droppings every day. These droppings produce an ammonia-like scent. If you smell this scent, stay away from them and contact a removal professional. 

Why You Should Not Try to Removal Bat on Your Own

Trying to eliminate bats on your property comes with some risks like the following:

  • Spread of disease. Bats are known for carrying rabies that can be transmitted to pets and humans through scratches and bites. Also, their droppings can have fungal spores that can lead to Histoplasmosis when breathed in. Histoplasmosis can cause respiratory illnesses when breathed in.  Without proper training and equipment, you could be exposed to bat droppings. 
  • Structural damage. Bats can create holes in the roof and piles of toxic feces that can cause the ceilings to cave in.

How Bat Removal Experts Will Handle a Bat Infestation

Bat removal professionals are trained to get rid of bats and other wildlife from your home effectively and safely. They will first identify entry points, the potential damage caused, and where exactly in your home the bats are living. Then, they use will use this information to strategize a safe plan to remove the wildlife. 

After successful removal, the experts will repair any damage the infestation has caused. They also clean and sanitize the contaminated areas. Lastly, the experts will use one-way doors to seal any openings, so bats won’t be able to enter your home again.