Airpods are a beneficial device, so many peoples like to use them. Using an air pod is that they are convenient and easy to use. If you have an air pod and an Xbox, then you want to use them with each other. When you wish to use them both to arise, you try to attach air pods with Xbox. But you cannot do that right away and wonder how to use air pods with Xbox. You want to use air pods instead of a gaming headset. This is not a simple task, but we will try to find a solution to using air pods with Xbox in this article.

Before using Airpods with Xbox, you must know some essential things first. These things are below:

Xbox vs. Airpods

Airpods are Bluetooth devices and can be used with any Bluetooth connectivity option. But unfortunately, till now, Xbox does not have any Bluetooth connectivity. That’s why the Xbox console did not support Airpods audio. Inspire of knowing that your Xbox console did not have Bluetooth connectivity. Hence you could not use Airpods with Xbox. If you still want to use them both, you have to choose another way. You will use your Airpods for voice chatting with your Xbox buddies by following this path.

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But one thing that you should have to keep in your mind is, after making the extra effort of connecting Airpods with Xbox, you cannot hear your game sounds in your Airpods. It would help if you depending on your system’s external speakers, a wired headset connected with the Xbox console audio jack to listen to the game sound. Using the following method, your Airpods can be used at the cha headset and use Airpods microphone as your chat microphone whenever you need to do so.

Why doesn’t Xbox allow AirPods as a gaming wireless headset?

The answer to these questions is that Xbox did not have Bluetooth support for various reasons. For many reasons, Microsoft has made such a technology that you can use only Microsoft manufactured wireless headset with Xbox console. You have no wireless headset option for the Xbox series console other than Microsoft manufacturing wireless headsets. The wireless headset that can be used for Xbox are:

  1. Xbox wireless headset (Which have the price of approximately one hundred US dollars).
  2. Steel Series Arctis 9x (Which has approximately two hundred US dollars).

With all of these hurdles to connect AirPods with Xbox, you can use the following method to connect your AirPods with Xbox console. By implementing this method, you can only chat with your Xbox buddies with your AirPods.

Can you use airpods on xbox?

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

When you are ready to connect your AirPods with Xbox, first, you must download Xbox official application on your android or apple phone. The Xbox application can be downloaded easily on your android from the google play store. iPhone users can utilize the apple store to download this application on the device for Apple. By using this application, you can avail yourself of an option in which you can communicate with your Xbox buddies, and this is an option that you can utilize for communicating with Xbox friends.

Once you download this application into your device, install it and sign in with the same Microsoft account which you are using on your Xbox console. If you cannot sign in with your Microsoft account, you must create a new Microsoft account by doing some simple steps. Once you create a new Microsoft account, you can add your Xbox console in the option of this application. To add your Xbox console to your mobile application, click on the top right corner icon of the home screen.

Before adding Xbox console into the new Microsoft account, you have to switch on your Xbox and sign in with the same account you made on the mobile application.

This is how you can follow in using AirPods for chatting with Xbox friends.

Step 2:

Once you have done step 1, then it’s time for step two to pair your AirPods with your android or iOS-based device.

Please turn on your AirPods by putting them out from the case and turn on the Bluetooth option from your device setting for this pairing. Usually, AirPods connect automatically with your preferred device. If you are using AirPods for the first time, you must manually add them by searching Bluetooth device. Once you see your AirPods name on search devices, click on it and wait for connection confirmation. Once the AirPods are connected with your device, check the battery level of AirPods on your mobile so that you can continue your gaming session without any hurdle.

Step 3:

When you turn on your Xbox, you must make sure that your gaming buddies are online. Now turn on your Xbox, see in your buddy list who is online, and start your Xbox game and chat with your game friends with Airpods.

Step 4:

Create a party with Xbox mobile application. For starting a chat with your AirPods, you have to make an Xbox party from your mobile device. For making party follow these steps.

  1. Open Xbox Mobile application.
  2. On the bottom right corner of the Xbox application, click on the icon that looks like two persons.
  3. When you click on the icon mentioned above, you will see headset and notepad icons.
  4. When you click on the headset icon, you can start an Xbox party and organize the party.
  5. If you want to add new members to your party, you can add them by searching Gamertags of that gaming friend.
  6. Notepad is used to scroll through contacts for selecting and inviting purposes. It also allows you to message any contact to invite them to the Xbox party.

Step 5:

You can start chatting with your gaming buddy on AirPods while playing your Xbox game by following all these steps. AirPods should now be able to deliver chat audio and serve as your microphone for communication with people you have added to your chat. Like before, you can invite people to the party, join, and leave.

An alternative method is to use a Bluetooth adapter

The Xbox controller can also be equipped with Bluetooth adapters that allow you to use AirPods with the controller via Bluetooth audio. This method isn’t the most reliable connection as it requires an additional device.

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