After several significant countries banned TikTok, the launch of Instagram reels was one of the most important changes to the platform. Whether it’s a hilarious video or a powerful dance move, Instagram has ensured everyone sees it. But have you ever considered whose Instagram reel has received the most views? This post contains the identified winners for the reels with the most views.

Learn from Khaby (289 million views)

Everyone has experienced receiving an electric shock from a household appliance, resulting in an irrational fear of electricity. Guess what? The silent comedy king of Instagram, Khaby Lame, is also travelling in the same boat. The Instagram reel with the most views to date is this one. In order to make sure he has turned off the plug and that the iron is cold, Lame repeatedly checks it in the scene.

Not All Kids Are Funny By Khaby Lame (270 Million Views)

Compared to other Khaby reaction videos, this one has a different style. In the video, he appears to be stalled in traffic and spots a kid riding on the back of a motorcycle. Everyone enjoys playing with kids. Khaby waves to the child while smiling. The twist occurred at that point. 20.1 million people have liked and viewed this video as of right now. We don’t want to ruin the excitement. To watch, check out the post!

Blink & Express By Shivanjali Porje (260 Million Views)

Whoever said that skill is unrelated to age was correct. Damn! Just look at this girl, who has the title of second Most Watched Instagram Reels in 2023 and is the queen of expressions. Shivanjali Porje is her full name. 12.2 million people have liked one of her reels, which has received over 260 million views. She follows one of the Instagram trends in this reel but does so in a very expressive way.

I had the impression the fish was still alive (230 million views)

This 2021 clip is as funny as it gets and is one of the most popular Instagram compilations. In the first image of the Instagram post, a man is seen out fishing. He splashes the water and beats the already-dead fish to kill it. Lame mimics this and begins bashing some chicken nuggets as he attempts to fry them in a skillet. “I had the impression the fish was still alive,” he captioned it.

iamzalatanimrahimovic by Khaby Lame (209 million views)

Khaby Lame would undoubtedly hold a number of spots on any ranking of the most popular Instagram reels. Also, he demonstrates in this one how to solve one of the Squid Game tasks in a hilarious and surprisingly useful manner. When Lame gets to the finish, he sees football legend Zlatan Ibrahimovi waiting, and Lame collapses in shock. More than 18.5 million people enjoy it.

One Word – Happiness By Cochinaquatic (144 Million Views)

Is there a more calming thing than fish? You know that you must view reel one to comprehend it. Almost 144 million people have viewed, and 9 million people have liked the reel by @cochinaquatic. It shows an attractive pool with orange fish swimming toward it. When we observe the woman’s smile while feeding the fish in this pool, it is clear how joyful it makes us.

Who said 3 blind mice can’t #glitch by Aubrey Fisher (128 Million Views)

There are several great reels that the #glitch movement has produced, but none of them compares to Aubrey Fisher’s. The glitch challenge is performed with absolute precision by the three dapper gentlemen @ aubreyfisher, @bdash 2, and @gordonwatkins. Also, the reel has received over 7.5 million likes, indicating that it really took off on Instagram and quickly rose to the top of the most popular Instagram reels.

LOL! Open the door this way (117 million views)

It is perhaps one of the most well-known Instagram reels by Khaby Lame and is a typical example of his style. The footage shows a man climbing in via a window and a woman following him because she can’t open a door without getting her foot trapped. In the same video, Lame demonstrates how to open a door with his signature hand motion. It currently has 10.2 million likes.

GTA with dog by krishhhhnna (113 million views)

If you enjoy playing video games on your computer, you’ve probably heard about Grand Theft Auto (GTA). And the game is still in our hearts today, 30 years after the first edition’s publication. Instagram is swamped with videos of individuals posing while wearing crazy costumes and using “MH•Msica de GTA San Andreas (Português)” as the background music. More than 6.7 million people enjoy it.

The Bottom Line

And there you have it – the most recent Instagram Reels trends we’ve seen on the feed. Thus, these are the most-watched Instagram reels that helped make these accounts popular, with Kabhy Lame having the most views. There is a significant contrast in opinion between Shivanjali’s expressive reel and Khaby Lame’s Summer Coming.