Cloud Computing Technology popularity is increasing day by day. With the help of cloud technology, the dependency on infrastructure has decreased quite a lot. The flexibility in management of files, data and sharable resources is a boon in cloud technology. The services available in the cloud are available either free or on rented mechanisms. Nowadays,  every other project including machine learning, web development, automation testing etc. are all available on cloud.

Since the deployment on cloud saves money, cost and time consumption very much therefore it is flourishing at a very rapid rate. This article discusses the automation testing on cloud platforms for app development.

What is Automation Testing ?

Automation Testing is a process that focuses on automating the repetitive manual activities in a testing phase with the help of scripts, tools and softwares in order to improve the performance and reduce time consumption in mobile app testing.

Since automation testing is an important part of app development life cycle process therefore its execution and result matters a lot for the developers. The automation testing provides developers with increased test coverage in a shorter time span. Also, in case of automation testing there is very little space for human errors. Plus, it is feasible for load and performance testing.

The cloud based automation testing comes with a variety of advantages. With cloud based automation testing the testers can set scheduled tests on a combination of multiple web browsers and operating systems. This flexibility in testing operation makes cloud the first choice for developers for automation testing.  

Why Automation Testing on Cloud ?

There are numerous reasons to perform automation testing on the cloud. For example, scalability is one of the important factors to consider. Being scalable in nature the resources can be configured to a large number in a shorter span of time. Since cloud endorse the concept of virtualization therefore a large number of virtual users can be utilized to check for the load performance of mobile applications.

Secondly, geolocation testing becomes quite easy in the cloud. Geolocation testing is an essential part of the mobile application testing phase since it allows us to check for the performance of applications for different regions. The online cloud platform like LambdaTest comes with a solution of automation testing with all necessary features.

Third, the availability of advanced integration options in the cloud makes toolwork very easy. The manual setup of these integration tools is a time consuming task however, with cloud the CI/CD tools are already installed for ready to use purpose. A lot of overheads like configurational setup, capabilities for integration need not to bother in case of automation testing on cloud.

Fourth, Parallel testing is a major breakthrough in cloud for mobile application testing. It provides the developers the facility of executing multiple tests parallely instead of going for sequential testing that takes a lot of time for execution. Thus, these are some of the few reasons why automation testing is preferred on cloud platforms like LambdaTest.

Setup and utilization of Automation Testing on Cloud

Before setup, the developers need to ensure a few things in mind. The framework must be independent of the cloud platform in order to avoid lock-in issues. Secondly, it must be scalable as per the requirements and easy to manage.

The first approach could be the usage of a preconfigured environment for automation testing. One major benefit lies in the usage of a preconfigured environment is that the manual setup time gets eliminated in this case. But the chosen approach has some limitations like the requirement of experts in case of any discrepancy, difficulty in parallel execution in a preconfigured environment.

Another approach which could be adopted is the usage of  a dynamic environment. In case of a dynamic environment, the manual cleaning of the system is not required after each testing rather it gets automatically cleaned up. Second, there is no job queuing in a dynamic environment. The multiple tests can be performed as and when required.

To attain it, only the necessary number of instances need to be launched up from the framework. The dynamic environment however,  requires full automation which sometimes proves costly in terms of infrastructure. Even though the dynamic environment is costlier, it provides flexibility like parallel testing, containerization, and the possibility of isolation.

Now when it comes to the setup of a testing framework, the first thing is the selection of a cloud vendor for the creation of System under Test (SUT) followed by the creation of a test controller. The controller can be launched from the same machine from which the test has been launched but it would be better to launch the controller from the different machines so it would be easy to target and destroy them after fulfilling the objective.

Once testing is completed, the developers are left with generated reports of performances. The best place to store these results is the cloud platform. After setting up the framework, the next thing is the testing in the CI pipeline. For this, the components to be tested need to be built up and the tests are to be performed.

The last thing is the cost involved in the cloud testing framework. The cost of the framework is decided by the number of works which are piled up by the developers since those works determine the number of virtual machines required thereby affecting the cost.


There are numerous benefits in automation testing if performed on a cloud platform. The virtualization concept provides much flexibility in terms of infrastructure expenditure along with testing options and feasibility. LambdaTest is one of the online platforms that provides the facility of automation testing on cloud. With LambdaTest there is no worry regarding setup and utilization of the framework.

LambdaTest provides a cloud-based platform for automation testing. The platform is very much popular for its features like support for parallel execution, cross-browser testing, integration with CI/CD tools, one-click bug logging, localhost testing, etc. All these options make LambdaTest online automation testing platform a flexible option for the testing. LambdaTest offers automation testing with testing frameworks like Selenium automation testing, Appium, Playwright, Taiko and Puppeteer.

The LambdaTest offers a seamless option for the developers and testers in order to work with great flexibility. Although there are numerous online platforms available for automation testing, the services offered by LambdaTest makes it a prime choice above the rest of the available options.

Although there are a lot of things available that can be counted by developers or testers in favor of real device testing but ultimately when it comes to comfort with less expense, automation testing on cloud automatically comes into the thought and with it the countless usage and benefits of LambdaTest cloud-based testing platform comes into the picture.

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