You may think that people who advertise on WhatsApp actually do this easily and it is very cost-effective. But you should know that there are restrictions on Sending bulk messages in WhatsApp. Despite these restrictions, you will have to use special tools. In this article, we want to learn about these WhatsApp restrictions and solutions to bypass them. We will also introduce a tool for you to use in this advertising method.

Why WhatsApp is a good messenger for advertising?

As you know, a highly efficient advertisement needs an atmosphere that has many users. WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best social media atmospheres because it has many audiences. Be sure that your message will be seen 100% on WhatsApp. And if you send bulk messages you will have a good experience with advertising.

What are the restrictions of WhatsApp bulk messaging?

  1. In this restriction, WhatsApp Messenger becomes sensitive to sending bulk messages and does not allow users to do this. Accordingly, there are features of blocking and reporting options in this messenger so that if people receive a message and they do not like this message or it bothers them, they can block and report the sender of that message. Note that if the block and report are recorded many times by different users for an account, it will cause that account to be restricted or even blocked through WhatsApp.

Solution: For these restrictions, you need to pay attention to two points.

  • You must choose your target audience correctly. That is, send your message to someone who is familiar with or related to your business or is somehow interested in your field of activity. In this case, the possibility of being blocked and reported by users is reduced. For example, if your advertising content is about cosmetics, you should look for a female audience. Because if you send this content to men, you may be blocked or reported.
  • You have to choose the text of your message wisely because it is the message text that attracts your audiences and prevents them from blocking and reporting you.
  • The second restriction is that you cannot send messages to 100 new people (strangers) during the day. New people mean that they have not chatted with you before and have not saved your number on another phone. But this restriction is not considered for acquaintances and you can send as many messages as you want to them. Familiar people are those who have saved your number and have already chatted with you.

You must use several lines to bypass this restriction. For example, if you want to send 1000 messages during the day, you must use 10 lines. But as you know, using several lines and switching between them is an intolerable and time-consuming affair. That is why it is very important to use a tool that can automate all these steps.

How and where should we get the target audience’s number?

The best option for selecting target audiences is to use WhatsApp groups. If you can find WhatsApp groups that are related to the field of your business and extract the number of their members, you can have a purposeful advertisement because it is said that they are members of a group that is related to your activities. In this case, they will definitely like your products.

How should an advertising text be written to have a great impact?

The message’s text is the first thing that the audience sees from you and that is why it is important and you should pay attention in writing the advertising text to attract the audience to your content.

Do not refer to the main topic without a greeting. You should write the message in a friendly and polite way. Also, avoid writing hard and specialized words in the text and use simple words. Finally, read the text yourself and try to put yourself in the audience’s shoes to see how you feel about the text of the message.

Introducing WhatsApp Advertising Software

You can easily cross these restrictions. If you want to advertise on WhatsApp, it is better to use the right tool, which is the advertising Bot in WhatsApp. This Bot can easily and completely automate the steps of extracting the number of members from WhatsApp groups, and to do this, you only need to provide the desired group to the bot for extracting the number of members from WhatsApp groups, and then launch it. Here, if you choose an appropriate target group, you can have your target audience for advertising, which makes you have higher efficiency in advertising. This Bot even does the sending bulk messages operation to your desired numbers. This Bot can send videos, photos, links, and even emojis along with the text message.

If you remember, we said above that switching between several lines is time-consuming and difficult for you. This Bot automates switching lines and WhatsApp advertising in the fastest possible time.

The software that we intend to introduce to you in this article is WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Bot. This software is a product of the virtual user website that is also popular in the international market. As we said, this software can extract the number of members in WhatsApp groups and send bulk messages in WhatsApp, switch between several lines, and send photos and videos along with the text.

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