2022 is officially over and 2023 is here! A new year means new movies, new TV shows, and new everything! But as the year comes to an end, and we are waiting for the new blockbusters and more to hit the cinemas, now is the best time to look back and review or re-watch some of the best movies of 2022. In today’s article, we have made a list of 7 of the best thriller movies that you can enjoy as you wait for the new movies!

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Now, on to the movies!

The Black Phone

This movie is a supernatural horror film that follows a little boy Finney and how he is caught by a serial child abductor and murderer called The Grabber. After being abducted, Finney wakes up in a basement of sorts with nothing in sight except a black rotary phone that is disconnected.

The phone rings, however, and he learns that the ghosts of the past victims are the ones on the other end of the line. These victims give Finney tips to escape from the same fate they suffered one by one.

The Good Nurse

The Good Nurse is unfortunately based on a true story of a serial killer named Charles Cullen. Amy Loughren, a single mother, is working in the ICU as a nurse. She also happens to be suffering from a life-threatening heart disease. When a new nurse joins her as her partner on the night shift, she quickly befriends him. This nurse happens to be no other than Charles Cullen. She confides in him about her disease, which she is hiding from her employers to get insurance.

The Stranger

Just like ‘The Good Nurse’, this film is also based on a real story. Two strangers, each with their own big secrets, become friends. Henry Teague is happy to have met Mark, who offers him a place in a criminal organization that he is also a part of. Teague shows interest in joining the organization, however, he is warned about keeping any big secrets that could jeopardize the organization. Amidst all of this, the biggest police hunt for the killer of a little boy seems to be closing in.


This movie is a Thriller Movies and folk horror film so watch at your own risk! Now, on to the story of the movie, Harper, after losing her husband to suicide, goes to the country to catch a much-needed break. She encounters several similar-looking males and has some strange experiences as well. Things take a turn for the worse as time progresses and Harper cannot seem to escape the cycle now that it has started.

The Batman

The Batman, featuring the new Batman played by Robert Pattinson, follows the story of Batman looking into a series of murders of powerful and corrupt politicians in Gotham. Eventually, his investigation leads him to discover that his murdered parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, are somehow connected to all of this. How exactly? That is what we will find out!


This movie, released at the beginning of 2022, was unfortunately not very well-received by the public. While a lot of critics and people thought the film lacked much of a story and wasn’t very well done, there was one thing everyone couldn’t stop talking about and that was Zac Efron’s amazing acting!

The movie is about a lone traveler that discovers an enormous gold nugget in the middle of a desert. As he waits and protects the gold, he battles more than just the harsh weather.


A wealthy couple arrives at their vacation home only to discover a burglar attempting a now-failed robbery. The husband, also a CEO, agrees to give him money without involving the cops and the robber demands $500,000 in cash. After he informs his assistant to bring the money, she tells him that he will get it the following day. The burglar stays with the couple in the mansion keeping an eye on them and things start to get tense as the situation worsens minute by minute.

Wrapping Up!

And this brings us to the end of the list! Of course, there are so many more movies we would’ve loved to put in as well, but these are the top 7, at least in our opinion! Now, all you need to do is download these movies, or just find the right channel, grab some snacks, and get started! Be sure to turn off all your lights and turn up the sound to get the full cinematic experience!

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